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~~SAASC - South Asian Association of Simcoe County, as the name suggests is a team of community members originally from South Asian countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh) now residing in Simcoe County (Barrie, Orillia, Innisfil) working on introducing the South Asian culture in Simcoe County. For the last 4 years, SAASC has been organizing the annual Diwali function in Barrie with the most recent one just ending on a very successful and entertaining note on October 24th, 2014 with the event attendance of about 350 people. It all started 5 years back with the Diwali being celebrated in a house in Barrie with about 50 people and in 5 years, SAASC has been able to grow that number by 7 times and with your support, we can take this to even higher levels. SAASC is also working on holding more events in Simcoe County and your suggestions and feedback is very important in making this possible. This is also important for the kids to learn about the South Asian culture.